FutureFlowers Internship

We are so excited to relaunch our FutureFlowers initiative in a new form, 1:1 paid internships in our studio. Interns will learn the inner workings of the floral industry, from conditioning to bouquet making, building vase arrangements and installing events. Our internships are tailored to the individual. Whole day or just morning sessions can be accommodated if preferred. We aim for atleast 4 shifts within a month period.

To apply, you must be over 18 years old and of a non-white ethnicity. Please email ( a bit about yourself, your interest in floristry, any relevant experience you have and your CV. We’ll conduct a short interview with you and agree internship dates on a case by case basis. There is no requirement to have prior floristry experience.

About FutureFlowers

FutureFlowers was born in 2020 to empower and equip a diverse new wave of florists in the UK. It aims to address the barriers that people of non-white ethnicities face when considering a career in floristry.

Floristry is a predominantly white industry, from suppliers to retailers, florists and even events personnel. Courses are inaccessibly expensive, costing upwards of thousands of pounds, likewise internships and work experience are largely unpaid. The high costs of gaining training and experience, coupled with the lack of representation and presence of micro-aggressions in the workplace, are major barriers for those considering a career in floristry. By providing training we hope to lessen these barriers and create a more inclusive and creative floral industry.

We started the initiative as a free to attend, 3-month floristry training programme, consisting of 5 workshops, teaching students the basic mechanics of floristry and the theory behind running a viable business. We have trained 100 students so far, and the demand is ongoing and ever growing.

Since its inception, FutureFlowers has been entirely funded by SAGE. We took a break to review the longevity of self-funding such a large training programme and to ensure its sustainability, as well as provide the most value to the students around their other commitments, we have now moved the training to paid internships, nurturing one student at a time.

Other Opportunities

We are currently fully staffed, but you are always welcome to send a CV to

Last updated: 5 April 2024